This was a poem given to us at Gabe’s christening. We always liked the name Gabriel but when it became obvious that things were not going to be straightforward with him we thought it would do no harm to name him after the most famous angel of all. He was three months old at his baptism and although he had been unwell, we had no idea of the journey ahead – the despair and pain of not knowing what was wrong. On the days when he had no energy and was so ill we feared for this future, this clever poem from a very talented man brought us much comfort.

You knew how to test
Two willing hearts
If Mary and Joseph would play their parts
You asked the impossible
Awaiting her reply
Contemplating your wild words
About the God-given boy.

She knew the heartache that lay ahead
And the song she sang loudly and slowly she sang
Godhead in hiding I thee adore
Make me to love thee more and yet more
A sword piercing her heart
But a heart over brimming
With thanks for the great gift
A heart truly willing
To fan the dim spark
To a burning bright safe ark
In the tempests of the darkest night.

And Joseph. Ah Joseph
You doubt filled man
Sleep well and dream well now while you can
When you have woken
After the shock
Before Peter you will be his trust rock
Protecting both mother and child from all harm
Whatever the worries
Bringing them calm.

Announcer of good news
Bearer of great joy
God’s mighty plans
Found in a baby boy
While some dream of greatness or glistening gold
You knew true treasure was the child that we hold
The pearl of great pure growing deep within
You tell Joseph and Mary God’s glory is him.

Spoke to Mary in words she only could hear
And the words
She kept hearing were have no fear
Whatever the danger
Whatever the fright
Your family’s upheld by the power of God’s might.
What may seem impossible
When you feel afraid
Take comfort, rely on
God’s saving aid

Whatever the fear
Whatever may score
Know that you’re held in this holy cure.
What may seem beyond you
When worries overwhelm
He’s in the ship with you
He’s at the helm

The miracles he works are domestic, are small
But they are the ones that raise up when we fall.
The day that God gives us
Is the day we must live
And for that day’s needs
In turn what he gives
Each hour and minute each moment’s the treasure
For life’s deepest truths
‘Now’ is the sole measure
All else is a dreaming
A dreaming and a seeming
It’s in ‘now’ we discover
Life’s fullest meaning.

Bearer of good news
Announcer of joy
Bringer of mercy
This beautiful boy

The message you bring
Is that God chooses carefully
Who to dwell within
That God takes great care
To find the dwelling place
This boy of your making
Is the gift of grace.

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  1. LittleMamma
    May 14, 2013 at 8:03 am (9 years ago)

    That's a wonderful, powerful poem. I can see why it gave you strength. I can't think of a more perfect name for your beautiful boy xxx


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