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Not dead yet

My late father in law was a great one for a saying. From the “see you at the lights” hurled at all those rushing clowns that cut you up on the road to the awesome: “he who works and does his best goes down the road the same as the rest”. My favourite by far is: […] Read more…


The playgroup

I had a dream last night. Not a Martin Luther King sort of dream. Alas. More the sort in which you are doing something randomly bonkers, but in a real-life setting. I was having a row with Adele in my local church hall (I can’t remember what over – perhaps me being a better singer). It was all set up […] Read more…


Monsters under the bed

  It was at my 12-week routine pregnancy scan that I found out that Gabriel was high risk for a chromosomal disorder. The two days we had to wait before we saw the fetal medicine team for a detailed ultrasound were a blur of frightened tears. “We’re the monsters under the bed. The nightmares that keep […] Read more…

good parenting quote

P*ss off parents: what do you know!

There has been a call to action recently in the disabled community. One that initially made my head spin and my heart weep. One that I thought was dangerous and would do the opposite of what it set out to achieve. You probably haven’t heard of it, but it’s been rumbling on all over the festive period (ho ho ho). It’s called […] Read more…


When anxiety bites you on the bum

  Walking around my local supermarket last week* my mind suddenly went blank and I couldn’t remember what I had come in for. Then it started. That distinct feeling that sometimes overwhelms me – the growing sense of dread, nausea and dizziness. An inability to sit or stand still, yet unable to move. Anxiety. That often forgotten symptom […] Read more…

my mum

Because there she is

Snuggling in bed last week, my little girl and I were having a little chat while we waited for the house to heat up. It was far too cold for us. We’d sent all the boys down to turn the heating on and light the fire. We’d giggled as they pulled on hoodies and bedsocks while […] Read more…

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