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Eugh, Liverpool

In 2004, the Mayor of London Boris Johnson famously said in a leading article in The Spectator that Liverpool, the city where I grew up and which houses the majority of my family and friends, was a “city hooked on grief.” They … see themselves, whenever possible as victims, and resent their victim status, yet at the same time […] Read more…


When friendships flounder

I went to an all-girl Catholic convent school during my formative years and boy, oh (lack of) boy, was it an education. It is fair to say that all girls together can be a bit bonkers – funny bonkers and bitchy bonkers. You wise up quick. Friendships in that environment can be transient – it only takes a misunderstanding over a […] Read more…


5 things NOT to do when you are sleep deprived

Sleep deprivation smells of poo. Sometimes quite literally. My littlest man has been hit by those pesky autumnal viruses that all kids get when they start school. You know the ones that linger for weeks and cause all your carefully constructed routines to be shot to pieces, especially the sleep ones. It’s been weeks since we put him […] Read more…

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