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second drowning

The second drowning

  It started as these things often do with a question; raised tentatively, not wanting to be the only one. Seeking out a collective, camaraderie and hoping in equal measure that it was and wasn’t a communal concern. Actually, it probably started long before that. Perhaps when I noticed that yet another friend had disappeared from social media. […] Read more…


That bucket list

Last week felt huge. It was like the world had tipped on its axis. So many changes all at once – from the assassination of Jo Cox to the resignation of Cameron. The EU vote shining a light on the cracks in our society so they were laid bare and unflattering. We had younger generations blaming older generations for scuppering potential […] Read more…


This boy does bounce

I was at my nephew’s 5th birthday party at the weekend. It was an old school affair – family, few friends, bouncy castle, booze for the parents. The sort of perfect day when the sun shines and children’s giggles fill the air. Perhaps I was soaking up the chilled garden party vibes too much and that was […] Read more…

me before you

Me Before You and the big disability debate

Alex Bailey/Warner Bros Warning: contains film spoilers If you have met one person in a wheelchair. You have met one person in a wheelchair. When I was in Sixth Form studying hard for my A-levels (cough), me and my friends would sit around the common room having deep philosophical debates like: “which teacher would you snog […] Read more…

Gabe (2)

Down in the pump room

I closed my eyes. If I couldn’t see then I could pretend that I wasn’t there. Then I wouldn’t feel like I was intruding on a grief so raw I could almost taste it deep in my throat. I closed my eyes. If I didn’t move a muscle then I would blend into the backdrop. Then I wouldn’t be […] Read more…



My little man, There is going to be an ow tomorrow. A great big fat one. And you won’t know why. It’ll catch you by surprise. Make you cry.   There is going to be an ow tomorrow. How do I explain what we are about to do? How it will hurt seemingly out of the blue. […] Read more…

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