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Deep, deep breaths

This is the first in a series of blog posts to mark the fourth Undiagnosed Children’s Awareness Day, which takes place on  Friday 29th April.  Each one will highlight different aspects of raising a child with complex medical needs of unknown cause – the good, the bad and the blooming lovely. Dear me from four years ago I stumbled across the photo below from Christmas […] Read more…


Not dead yet

My late father in law was a great one for a saying. From the “see you at the lights” hurled at all those rushing clowns that cut you up on the road to the awesome: “he who works and does his best goes down the road the same as the rest”. My favourite by far is: […] Read more…


The playgroup

I had a dream last night. Not a Martin Luther King sort of dream. Alas. More the sort in which you are doing something randomly bonkers, but in a real-life setting. I was having a row with Adele in my local church hall (I can’t remember what over – perhaps me being a better singer). It was all set up […] Read more…


Monsters under the bed

  It was at my 12-week routine pregnancy scan that I found out that Gabriel was high risk for a chromosomal disorder. The two days we had to wait before we saw the fetal medicine team for a detailed ultrasound were a blur of frightened tears. “We’re the monsters under the bed. The nightmares that keep […] Read more…


When anxiety bites you on the bum

  Walking around my local supermarket last week* my mind suddenly went blank and I couldn’t remember what I had come in for. Then it started. That distinct feeling that sometimes overwhelms me – the growing sense of dread, nausea and dizziness. An inability to sit or stand still, yet unable to move. Anxiety. That often forgotten symptom […] Read more…

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