Gabriel is six years old and has global development delay.


Well the thing is we don’t know.

He has had so many, many tests and so far all are negative. His biggest issue is that his body is a bit floppy, but improving all the time, and this has made him delayed in all areas, especially gross motor.

Why is he floppy?

Who knows! It could be from a rare genetic condition, autoimmune disease, or damage at birth.

On top of this he has cow’s milk protein allergy and we recently found out he can’t produce enough growth hormone, which may or may not be causing the floppiness.

He seems so like my oldest two, except he is a bit frozen in time both in size and development.

Currently at 6 years, he is more like a 12-24 month old child in a mixed bag of ability.

But gorgeous and cheeky with it.

So there’s no rush. We have all the time in the world.