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Down in the pump room

I closed my eyes. If I couldn’t see then I could pretend that I wasn’t there. Then I wouldn’t feel like I was intruding on a grief so raw I could almost taste it deep in my throat. I closed my eyes. If I didn’t move a muscle then I would blend into the backdrop. Then I wouldn’t be […] Read more…


Pin a dirty nappy on the door

First, I asked for advice from a friend in a similar situation: Well whatever you do DON’T tidy up. Or wash your hair. Or the kids. In fact, get the bin and tip it out all over the kitchen. Leave a dirty nappy on the table. Even better pin a dirty nappy to the door haha. […] Read more…


Deep, deep breaths

This is the first in a series of blog posts to mark the fourth Undiagnosed Children’s Awareness Day, which takes place on  Friday 29th April.  Each one will highlight different aspects of raising a child with complex medical needs of unknown cause – the good, the bad and the blooming lovely. Dear me from four years ago I stumbled across the photo below from Christmas […] Read more…


The playgroup

I had a dream last night. Not a Martin Luther King sort of dream. Alas. More the sort in which you are doing something randomly bonkers, but in a real-life setting. I was having a row with Adele in my local church hall (I can’t remember what over – perhaps me being a better singer). It was all set up […] Read more…


There was a boy

There was a boy. His name was Bobby. One of four brothers, he had a wide cheeky smile and was the apple of his mum and dad’s eye. A football-loving, funny, fearless little boy. Who will remain forever 6 years old. Last October, on the last Friday of the half term, he took one step away from the safety of his mother’s hand and into the path […] Read more…

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